About the Designer

In the heart of a rustic hunting camp in Northern Arizon, amidst the flurry of chores and movement, the seeds of an innovative idea were sown. It was here that the concept for Resistance Wear Clothing took shape, inspired by a simple inconvenience encountered by a determined mind.

As a passionate yoga teacher and fitness enthusiast, the founder of Resistance Wear Clothing found herself repeatedly grappling with the nuisance of the resistance band falling down her legs while moving around doing camp chores. Fueled by frustration and a knack for creativity, an idea sparked - why not integrate a durable cloth resistance band directly into the leggings themselves?

With this vision in mind, she shared her idea with her husband, declaring her intent to design and patent this ingenious concept. His laughter in response only fueled her determination further. Undeterred, she embarked on her journey in 2020, navigating the intricate landscape of patenting her design.

Persistence paid off, resulting in securing both design and utility patents for the innovative Resistance Wear Clothing with child patents for new designs in process. The idea was bold, practical, and promised to revolutionize the fitness apparel industry, adding a new category of Performance Wear.

The journey didn't halt at patents. Determined to bring her creation to the world stage, the founder approached industry giants like Nike and New Balance, presenting her unique concept. Her innovation even caught the attention of the hit show "Shark Tank," where she was invited to navigate the intense selection process. However, her dedication to personal beliefs led her to decline the opportunity due to requirements she couldn't meet at the time, specifically the COVID-19 shot.

Undeterred by this setback, she continues to strive towards her goal, eagerly anticipating a new opportunity to present her innovative brand on Shark Tank in 2024.

The story of Resistance Wear Clothing is not just about a revolutionary product, but the embodiment of perseverance, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of turning a simple inconvenience into an ingenious solution. Born out of necessity and nurtured by passion, this brand showcases the power of an idea forged in the midst of daily life's challenges.

Driven not by a background in design but by a profound love for fitness and a fervent desire for innovation, the founder stands as a testament to the idea that determination coupled with creativity can transform everyday annoyances into groundbreaking solutions. Resistance Wear Clothing stands poised to change the way we perceive and experience fitness apparel, all originating from a humble moment of annoyance and inspiration in a campsite.